My Red Door Designs! 

we are an online Quilt Store
Quilt Show Vendor


Our shop is a collaborative effort 
of friends who love fabric, wool, and floss! 

We've made clothes for our kids, quilts for our 
beds and found ourselves drawn to the smaller 
projects that include hand-work. 

We became enchanted with the 
hand dyed wools and flosses and began to create 
sweet pillows and wall hangings and so often 
someone would ask "where did you get that pattern?"  
Most of our designs started as an inspiration, 
such as a fun day at the pumpkin patch and we played 
with wool to recreate the memory. 

At the request of friends we began to make 
and share patterns. They were so well received
we've taken it to the next level and created a place for 
"the masses" so to speak to be able to purchase our 
patterns and projects. 

Our designs are sweet and not fussy, 
we're all about projects you can do while visiting with 
friends or watching t.v. with your family in the evening.  
We hope you find something that inspires you and your 
sewing basket soon includes 
a pattern and project from My Red Door Designs!